Creating a Laravel SaaS Framework: Part 3

Picking up from the last article, we now have a single tenant on our system with the subdomain of “foo”. Let’s work on a few additions, including a second tenant and proper routing if a tenant doesn’t exist. Let’s add a second tenant and verify that they have some separation. For this one, we’ll use a subdomain of “bar”. Make sure to save the password somewhere. Now let’s check our database to make sure that everything went according to plan. We now see a second hostname set up in the tenancy database as well as a website and a new database matching the UUID.

Creating a Laravel SaaS Framework : Part 2

Now that we have the basic setup, let’s create our first tenants! We’ll initially do this through an artisan command. This is based on the article by Ashok Gelal, with some updates for the latest versions. We’ll start off by making some configuration updates so that we can separate our tenants by subdomains. First, open up the .env file and add in a value for APP_URL_BASE and also make a slight modification to APP_URL. For my case, I’m still developing on localhost, so that’s what I’ll use.

Creating a Laravel SaaS Framework

In this series, I will attempt to build out a Laravel based Software as a Solution framework that can be easily adopted to different situations. This method is what I will be implementing on the site for selling online gift cards. Much of the content & concepts here are based on an excellent article by Ashok Gelal on Medium along with other sources.

10 Favorite WordPress Plugins

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Welcome to the new site!

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Update Your Passwords

I logged in to the computer this morning to start my work day as usual and as I checked my spam email folder, I saw the strangest thing. I had an email from a random address with one of my actual passwords in the subject line. “What the heck is going on here”, I thought. I’ve had multiple clients ask me about similar emails in the past year, but how could it happen to… Read more »